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We promice you stable, no ending, full of action gameplay!
  • It is forbidden to exploit any bug (server error). If you notice a bug in the game, please report it in our Bug tracker section. If the error is very serious and you think it's not publicly available - please email us. If the error is serious enough - we will reward the person who reported it.
  • It is forbidden to pretend to be Administrators, GM or their 'friends.' Administration has no friends in the game.
  • It is forbidden to use any additional programs (such as L2walker, Hlapex, etc.) that facilitate the game or change its course.
  • Server administration is not responsible for any items, exp. and other game elements. No items will be returned or refunded.
  • Respect other players! Comments on racist, nazi, or other offensive content are not tolerated by other players. Offenders will be punished.
  • Any charge to the Administration must be proven by visual material. Original, unedited 'screenshots' or video clips. Otherwise, the message will be considered defamatory.
  • Please try to make the game as enjoyable and honest as possible. If you see someone violating the rules, please inform the administration. Don't become other fraudsters!
  • Any form of boxing is strictly forbidden.
  • All information in the database is the property of the administration, so it is forbidden to exchange or sell characters or items outside the server. It is also not possible to rent, exchange, exchange or sell your accounts, characters, or items with other players.
  • The server administration reserves the right to send SMS messages to players about updates or important events on the server. The player has the right to refuse this by sending a request to our server's contacted e-mail address:
  • If you are not sending SMS from your phone number and the owner of that phone number complains - your character is blocked permanently.
If you don't know the rules doesn't mean you are irresponsible. The Administration reserves the right to change the rules mentioned here in after having publicly announced it. Ignorance of the rules is subject to various penalties, including but not limited to:
  • Kick. Player will be shut down from game for one time.
  • Chat-ban. Player will be prohibited from chat in game.
  • Jail. The player's freedom of action will be limited by closing him down to a certain room in the game, without the opportunity to escape for a certain period of time.
  • De-level. Player level will be lowered.
  • Character ban. You wont be abble to connect with the character.
  • Account ban. It will no longer be possible to join the account and all the characters in it.
  • IP ban. It will no longer be possible to join all accounts and all the characters in them.
  • Permanent IP ban. You will be banned from visiting our web site, forum, server or any other way to use our server or its services.