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We promice you stable, no ending, full of action gameplay!
Server information
  • XP: 200x
  • SP: 200x
  • Adena drop: 200x
  • Item drop: 50x
  • Spoil: 75x
  • Quest drop: 50x
  • Quest reward: 50x
  • Party XP rate: 1,5x (200 * 1,5 = 300x)
  • Party SP rate: 1,5x (200 * 1,5 = 300x)

Extra information:
  • Class manager. Enables to change your character's occupation without any hassle, using the class manager, instantly.
  • Multi-shop. C, B, A and S grade items are available in a common shop, thus taking away the need of crafting them and spending valuable resources and your time.
  • Auto skill learn. Your character will automatically learn new skills as soon as you level up. No need to visit a guild master and go through a time consuming process of learning the skills manually.
  • Auto event system. Every single day, automatic event system organises an event, to keep the boredom away from your gameplay. (Coming soon..)
  • Olympiad. Stable, bug-free and exloit-free Olympiad system. Hero periods automatically change twice a month @ 1st and the 15th of any given month.
  • Bug-free. Server is always up-to-date with newest bug fixes, improvements and new features. We have our own professional developing team, which guarantees outstanding advantage over other servers.
  • Up-time. Extremely stable server. Server restart are only made to update the server, when needed, and are always made @ 4AM Lithuania's time, when most of the players are offline, for minimum game interruption.
  • Lag-free. The combination of heavy optimised server software, powerful server hardware and professional internet connection allows players to enjoy the game at it's best without any latencies (lagg).
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